Partnering with AmeriCOM

AmeriCOM has been designated by the U.S. Department of Defense to make investments that will achieve the mission goal of developing optic manufacturing technologies, testing equipment, and the specialized materials required to support scalable manufacturing. We will look to our nation’s optics industry to help drive and execute a research and development agenda with the goal of achieving sustainable manufacturing operations. In parallel, we will increase the pipeline of skilled optics technicians using a collaborative ecosystem model that fosters collaboration between educational institutions, optics manufacturing companies, and a range of nonprofit and community-based organizations.

We welcome inquiries from organizations that are interested in partnering with us – the American Center for Optics Manufacturing – in building our nation’s precision optics industry and its workforce.

Partners in Education

At the core of the AmeriCOM ecosystem model are community colleges and other vocational learning centers that offer programs in optics technician training. In our work together, we are raising awareness of optics as a career path across all age groups and recruiting students into certificate, degree-granting, and apprenticeship programs. Join us and be part of our key initiatives, such as:

  • Implementing an established Optics Technician curriculum to support one-year certificate-granting programs, two-year associates degree-granting programs, dual-enrollment programs with high schools, and 2+2 enrollment programs with universities that offer advanced degrees in optics.
  • Convening regional optics manufacturing clusters, the members of which serve as advisors to the community college optics team. Optics companies help source equipment for labs, provide candidates for adjunct faculty and lab technicians, provide funding for student scholarships and faculty endowments, and participate in events that promote the optics technician career path.
  • Managing optics awareness marketing campaigns and conducting outreach activities with area school districts, regional science museums and other cultural organizations, STEM-related clubs and organizations, and work training centers.
  • Facilitating “learn while you earn” apprenticeship programs for career advancement.

Is your learning institution a potential AmeriCOM partner? Please use the inquiry form below to start a conversation with us.

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Partners in Optics Manufacturing

The AmeriCOM Defense Precision Optics Consortium (DPOC) is seeking information from industry and academia to assist with a research program. We need your help to identify the areas within precision optics manufacturing that present significant challenges to manufacturers.

Thank you for your participation!


More information can be found here. 

AmeriCOM is creating an industry-led cooperative with government and academia focused on continuous improvement to drive the development of optics manufacturing systems. This program will implement advances critical to the defense industry and provide optics manufacturers with next generation capabilities.

AmeriCOM plans to use an industry-led model to solve pervasive defense industrial base needs regarding next-generation manufacturing systems and there are a number of ways you can help, including:

  • Joining the Technical Advisory Board for one of our R&D market segments, Fabrication Equipment/Processes, Optical Materials, Optical Metrology, Thin Film Coatings, Optical and Opt0-mechanical Design
  • Suggesting and participating in research and development projects in the market segments described above.
  • Joining the advisory board of the optics technician training programs in your region and providing the financial support needed to endow professorships, fund support staff, and offer scholarships to students.
  • Identifying employees who can teach optics courses as adjunct teachers and lab support staff
  • Spreading the word about the optics industry and the numerous career paths it offers by attending regional job fairs and hosting tours of your optics facilities
  • Including an optics apprenticeship program as part of your long-term hiring strategy.

Collaborating with AmeriCOM is a win-win for companies wishing to develop the next manufacturing technologies and in need of optics technicians. Complete the inquiry form below and a member of our DPOC or Workforce Development team will contact you.

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Partners in the Community

Optics technicians work with scientists and engineers in manufacturing and in research facilities assisting with the design, manufacture, and testing of optical components and systems. They have strong kinesthetic skills and may have backgrounds in the visual arts, gaming, music, automotive and bicycle mechanics, and the culinary arts. Future optics technicians come from all backgrounds – high school graduates pursuing a vocational or a college-bound path, adult learners returning to the workforce or seeking job advancement, veterans, and more. AmeriCOM is partnering with community-based organizations that serve these audiences, with the shared goal of advancing awareness of the field of optics and providing living-wage jobs that lead to sustainable and fulfilling careers. Our collaborations include working with:

  • Nonprofit organizations that provide workforce development and career training services
  • Community-based organizations that serve youth and their families
  • Science museums and other organizations that host programs in “STEAM” (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) fields
  • Public school districts at the middle and high school levels.

Interested in collaborating with AmeriCOM to help direct people into a career in optics? Complete the inquiry form below and a member of our team will contact you.

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